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How to protect and brush your suede

How to protect and brush your suede
June 20, 2017 Cherry Blossom
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Not all shoes are created equal. You can’t treat a canvas sneaker the same way you would a leather brogue. But each type needs the same proper care and maintenance.Buying a nice pair is just the beginning, says Michael Petry, the creative director at footwear brand The Frye Company.“The biggest mistake guys can make is to neglect caring for their shoes after they bring them home.”Put some time and effort into the fabric and the soles, and they’ll stand up to whatever punishment your feet inflict. Here’s how to keep your shoes looking their best.

As soon as you take your new shoes out of the box, give them a good polish, Petry says. We like Saphir Renovateur ($22,, which has a mink oil and shea butter blend for the ideal balance of polish and conditioning.

Polish your shoes each time you put them on, or at least rub them down before you venture out into bad weather.

2. Protect and brush suede


If you’re investing in suede shoes, treat them with a protective suede spray that resists water, salt, and mud so they won’t be damaged by the elements. Petry recommends testing the spray before using it, as it could change the color of your shoes.
You should also commit to a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance.

First, use your eraser to target stains. Then, follow up with the brush to bring the nap of the suede back to its original state, says Petry.

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